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BMOS2 - Building Maintenance and Operations (BMO) Small Business Phase 2


Category Zone 5
Subcategory Fire Alarm System Maintenance And Repair - Fralrmsystms5
Subcategory Description Services Related To The Maintenance, Repair And Operation Of Fire Alarm Systems. Services Include But Are Not Limited To The Performance Inspection, Testing, And Repair Of A Variety Of Fire Alarm And Notification Systems, Equipment And Components Such As Manual Alarm Devices, Smoke And Heat Detectors, Tamper Switches, Pressure Switches, Water Flow Switches, Remote And Graphic Annunciators, Main Fire Alarm Panel And Components, Voice Alarm Systems, Fire Rated Partition And Assemblies, Speakers And Horns And Other Audible And Visual Devices, Wiring Circuits And Junctions, All Other Alarm Systems, Detection And Control And Ancillary Devices, And Emergency Power Operations.


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